Painting Practice were assigned to the task of visualising Mathias Hoene’s new commercial for the launch of The Smiler at Alton Towers them park. The Smiler is the worlds first 14 loop roller coaster with a ride duration of over 3mins and a build cost of 18m!

For the commercial the concept team were asked to visualise certain stages of the ride and illustrate the mind bending process that a rider goes through both on and off the carriage. Based on Mathias’s ideas we produced a series of sketches and paintings that explored both the aesthetic and the emotion in Mathias’s ideas. The ride launched in the summer of 2013, and if you’ve had the nerve to get on board we’d love to hear about your experience.

Some of the CG elements for the post production team were visualised at Painting Practice before build. Below is a matte painting concept for the establishing shot.

Watch the spot here… prepare to be marmalised!