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BLACK MIRROR - SEASON 3House of TomorrowSeries Design / Matte Paintings / Motion Graphics / VFX2016
ALLIEDGK Films / Paramount PicturesConcept Design2016
COLLIDE42 / Automatik Entertainment / DMG Entertainment / Hands-on Producers / IM Global Film Fund / Silver PicturesProduction Design / Concept Design / Previs / VFX2016
LONDON HAS FALLENMillennium FilmsProduction Design / Concept Design / GFX2016
THE RACK PACKBBC iPlayerPrevis / VFX2016
SOUND OF MUSIC LIVEITVCG Build / Matte Paintings2015
KILL YOUR FRIENDSUnigram / AI-Film / Altitude Film EntertainementVFX / Matte Paintings2015
LEWISMammoth Screen3D Modelling / Texturing / Previz / Compositing / Matte Painting2015
X+YMinnow Films and Origin PicturesTitle Sequence2015
FORTITUDEFifty Fathoms Productions / Sky Atlantic / Tiger Aspect ProductionsConcept Design2015
BLACK MIRROR - WHITE CHRISTMASHouse of TomorrowSeries Design / Motion Graphics / VFX2014
DRUG LORD: THE LEGEND OF SHORTYRedbox FilmsOpening Sequence2014
EVERY LAST CHILDGoldmine FilmsGraphic Design2014
BLACK MIRROR - SEASON 2House of TomorrowSeries Design / Motion Graphics / VFX2013
THE LAST DAYS ON MARSMars Movie LimitedMotion Graphics2013
SHOOTING BIGFOOTOrigins Pictures / Minnow FilmsTitle Sequence2013
MALEFICENTWalt Disney PicturesConcept Design2012
BLACK MIRROR - SEASON 1House of TomorrowSeries Design / Motion Graphics / VFX2011
ARTHUR CHRISTMASAardman / Sony PicturesConcept Design2010
GRAVITYReality Media, Warner Bros. PicturesConcept Design2010
THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADERFox 2000 Pictures, Walden Media, Dune Entertainment VFX / Art Direction2010
YOUR HIGHNESSUniversal Pictures, Stuber ProductionsConcept Design / Art Direction2010
THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDSPower, BBCProduction Design / Character Design / Concept / Previs / Post Vis2009
THE PIRATES! BAND OF MISFITSAardmanDesign / Previs2008
007 QUANTUM OF SOLACEMGM, Columbia Pictures,Eon Productions, B22
Previs / VFX Art Direction2007
ANGELS & DEMONSSony PicturesPrevis / VFX Art Direction2007
SON OF RAMBOWHammer & TongsProduction Design2006
HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXYHammer & TongsProduction Design / Character Design / Concept / Previs / Post Vis2004


AT&T 'REDBULL'Framestore New YorkMatte Painting2016
BBC SPORT OLYMPICS 'RIO 2016'Passion PicturesArt Direction / Concept Design / Matte Painting2016
ANCHOR BUTTER'S 'HOMETIME'Passion Pictures3D Set Design2016
AUDI QUATTROSomesuchConcept Design2016
COMPARE THE MARKET 'COBBLESTONE ROAD'Passion PicturesMatte Painting2016
AT&T ‘POWER OF &’Framestore New YorkConcept Design / Matte Painting2016
CLYDESDALE BANK 'REMEMBER BEFORE YOU WORRIED ABOUT MONEY?'Gorgeous EnterprisesProduction Design / Concept Design / 3D Set Build / 3D Modelling2016
DISCOVER IT MILES CARD 'DON'T FENCE ME IN'Passion PicturesVisual Development2016
SKY Q 'THIS IS FLUID VIEWING'Biscuit FilmworksConcept Design2016
HONDA 'THE DREAMER'Roof StudioConcept Design2016
DOLMIO 'THE MEETING'KnuckleheadConcept Design2016
ADELE 25 EXCLUSIVE VIDEOSSomesuch3D Set Build Previs2015
LES FURETS 'BLINDARD'S OFFICE'Passion PicturesArt Direction / Concept Design / 3D Modelling2015
BOOTS CHRISTMAS 'DISCOVER MORE'Caviar3D / Concept Design2015
SKY MOVIES CHRISTMAS ADVERT 2015Rattling Stick3D Set Build Previs2015
BACK TO THE FUTURE MEERKAT POSTERPassion PicturesIllustration2015
JUST EAT 'BALTI ROCKS' & 'CHICKEN MADRAS'Rattling StickArt Direction / Previs / Concept Design2015
CHARMIN 'ANOTHER DAY'Passion PicturesConcept Design2015
BT SPORT 'CHAMPIONS LEAGUE HOUSE PARTY'Smuggler3D Modelling / Concept Design2015
NATIONAL LOTTERY 'LIFE CHANGING CAMPAIGN'Biscuit FilmworksArt Direction / Concept Design / 3D Modelling / Graphic Design2015
LEXUS HOVERBOARDSmugglerArt Direction / Concept Design / 3D Set Visualisation2015
LIONBABEOutsiders Recorded Music LtdBackground Matte Painting / Compositing / Editing2015
SHELL V-POWER NITRO +Framestore LondonMatte Painting2015
HALO 5 'GUARDIANS'BlacksmithMatte Painting2015
DULUX 'COLOURLESS FUTURE'SomesuchConcept Design2015
COCA COLA 'TALE OF CONTOUR'Passion Pictures ParisConcept Design2015
CUNARDNomintMatte Painting / Illustration2015
VOLVO 'REALITY'Framestore NYMatte Painting2014
CANDY CRUSH SODA SAGATraktorConcept Design2014
CURRYS PC WORLD - WE START WITH YOUPartizanArt Direction / Concept Design2014
HOY HOYPassion PicturesArt Design / Matte Painting2014
CTM - IDENTS + DAILY LIFEPassion PicturesMatte Painting2014
SKY MOVIES - DISNEYSky CreativeConcept Art / Matte Painting / Live Shoot2014
NIKE - PERFECTPassion PicturesFrom Design through to Matte Painting2014
CHARMIN 'AIRPORT SECURITY'Passion PicturesConcept Art / Matte Painting2014
CONFUSED.COMPublicisConcept Design2014
CHARMIN - BINOCULARSPassion PicturesConcept Design / Set Design2014
NIKE - RONALDOPassion PicturesConcept Design2014
NIKE - DIGITALPassion PicturesConcept Design / Matte Painting2014
CTM - HOMELANDS PART 1 & 2Passion PicturesConcept Design2014
5GUMP I G LimitedSet Visualisation2014
SKY EFFORTLESSStink LtdSet Visualisation / Concept Art2014
McVITIESSmugglerSet Visualisation2014
MAYNARDSPassion PicturesConcept Art2014
HERBAL ESSENCEBiscuit Filmworks3D Set Visualisation2014
LAND ROVERBlink ProductionsSet Visualisation2014
FREEDERMTh1ngConcept Design2014
CTM - INVITEPassion PicturesIllustration2014
ALTON TOWERSPartizanConcept Art2013
BASFRadical Media LLCArt Design2013
BBC GLASTONBURYRed Bee MediaArt Design / Concept Art / Previs2013
BLINKBOXPassion PicturesArt Design / Set Design2013
CAPTAIN MORGANPhil TidyMatte Painting2013
CHARMIN - DYLAN'S BEDROOMPassion PicturesConcept Art2013
CHARMIN - FLAT SCREENPassion PicturesMatte Painting2013
CHARMIN - JUMPINGPassion PicturesConcept Art2013
CHARMIN - PRODUCEPassion PicturesConcept Design2013
CHARMIN - THEATREPassion PicturesArt Design2013
COCA COLA - SANTA'S LETTERPassion New YorkConcept Art2013
COCA COLA - SUPERBOWLPassion New York2013
COMPARE THE MARKET - CORONATIONPassion PicturesConcept Design2013
COMPARE THE MARKET - DUETPassion PicturesArt Design2013
COMPARE THE MARKET - MAIYA SPYPassion PicturesConcept Design2013
COMPARE THE MARKET - MANSIONPassion PicturesMatte Painting2013
COMPARE THE MARKET - PLANEPassion PicturesArt Design2013
DUNELM MILLGeneratorConcept Design2013
GANA BUTTERPartizanArt Design / Concept Art2013
HELPTHField TripArt Design / Concept Art2013
INFINITIKnucklehead3D Visual Design2013
INNOCENT SMOOTHIEFeel FilmsArt Design2013
LES FURRETS - MANHOLEPassion PicturesMatte Painting2013
LITTLEWOODSPartizanArt Design / Concept Design2013
METRONOMYSome Such and Co.Art Design / Concept Design2013
PEUGEUT 'VICTORY'Partizan (Dir. Antoine Bardou Jacquet)Concept Design2013
PS4 - OATHS AND PROMISESBiscuit FilmworksProduction Design / Concept Art2013
REDBOX FILMSRed Box FilmsBranding2013
SELFRDIGES DENIMDragonfly SceneryConcept Art2013
SPRINTBiscuit FilmsArt Design / Set Design2013
TETLEYSmugglerConcept Design2013
VIRGIN - CONNECTStink LtdConcept Design2013
VODAFONE - CINEMA DREAMField TripArt Design / Concept Art2013
WARBURTONSMoxiepicturesProp Design2013
AIR FRANCEMinnow FilmsMotion Graphics2012
CHARMINPassion PicturesConcept Design2012
CHARMIN IIPassion PicturesConcept Design2012
CIFStrange BeastConcept Design (Pitch)2012
CLAYDON REEVESClaydon Reeves3D Visual Design2012
COMPARE THE MARKET - FAT SERGEIPassion PicturesArt Department2012
COMPARE THE MARKET - STEVE SLEEPSPassion PicturesArt Department2012
COMPARE THE MARKET - CIRCUSPassion PicturesArt Department2012
DHL - FORMULA 1PartizanArt Department2012
DHL - MANCHESTER UNITEDPartizanArt Department2012
FATAL FLIGHT 447 DOCUMENTARYMinnow FilmsMotion Graphic Design2012
FORD KUGAThe Imagination GroupMatte Painting2012
HONDAHammer & TongsCommercial Pitch2012
KIT KATGeneratorArt Department / Previs2012
LEXUSRattling Stick.Concept Design2012
LES FURRETSPassion PicturesArt Department2012
MEERKATS LIVEPassion PicturesArt Department2012
MEERKAT TALESVCCP / Passion PicturesIllustration2012
MILKA BUBBLYPassion PicturesCharacter Design (Pitch)2012
RAIDPassion PicturesArt Department / Previs2012
STRONGBOWSt Luke'sPrevis2012
TOYOTA PRIUSPassion Pictures / Passion New YorkConcept Design2012
TROLLTraktorCharacter Design (Pitch)2012
VODAFONE - AWKWARD CALLPassion PicturesArt Department Services2012
VODAFONE - FREEBEE REWARDZPassion PicturesArt Department / Matte Painting2012
VODAFONE - HOUSEPARTYPassion PicturesArt Department2012
BRAUNPassion PicturesConcept Design (Pitch)2011
BRITISH GASPassion PicturesConcept Design (Pitch)2011
CADBURY - SECRET RECIPERumpus RoomSet Design2011
CAPO - MILK FACTORYTh2ngConcept Design2011
COMPARE THE MARKET - HOME & OFFICEPassion PicturesArt Department2011
COMPARE THE MARKET - SICK SERGEIPassion PicturesArt Department2011
COMPARE THE MARKET - WEBSITEPassion PicturesArt work2011
DHL HUBPartizanMotion Graphics2011
DIRECT TVPassion PicturesSet Design / Art Department2011
GETraktorDesign Set / VFX Design2011
GEVALIABlink ProductionsConcept Design2011
HEIDE PARKNice Shirt FilmsPrevis2011
HEINEKEN - THER JOURNEYThe MillConcept Design2011
HOMESERVEWcrsSet Design2011
JAMMY DODGERSVccpCharacter Design2011
KG KOWSHungrymanCharacter Design2011
LOTTO - ROBOTPartizanCharacter Design2011
MARK & SPENCERPartizanGraphic Design2011
MAXFACTORBlinkSet Design2011
MINUTE MAIDPartizanConcept Design2011
MULLERPartizanConcept Design2011
NEW OSLO AIRPORTPassion PicturesConcept Art / 3D Visualisation2011
PADDY POWERBig Al'sVFX Design2011
PHONES 4UHammer & TongsArt Department2011
RENEW - BULLET TRAINRenewMotion Graphics2011
RENEW CHANNELSRenewMotion Graphics2011
SKY NEWSPAPERHsi LondonGraphic Design2011
STELLA ARTOISBlink ProductionsSet Design2011
VODAFONE - BEACHBUMBLEPassion PicturesArt Department2011
VODAFONE - BEES £5 FREEBEEPassion PicturesArt Department2011
WONGAHungrymanCharacter Design2011
WRINGLEYSRadical MediaConcept Design2011
XFINITYPassion Pictures & Dir,Tim HopePrevis / Art Department2011
BBC ADVENTURESRed Bee MediaConcept Design2010
BOOTSHammer & Tongs2010
BOOTSPartizan (Dir. Traktor)Art Design2010
BULMERSSt Lukes (Dir. Mark Denton)Previs / Concept Design2010
COCA COLA - SIEGEFramestore, Nexus & Wieden+KennedyBackground Matte Painting2010
COMPARE THE MARKET - MATTEPAINTINGPassion PicturesMatte Painting2010
COMPARE THE MARKET - PAINTINGSPassion PicturesArtwork2010
D&GDragonfly Scenery2010
DHL - LIGHTTRAILMPCMotion Graphic Design2010
DIET COKETraktorSet Design/ Characters Design2010
DR WHOBBCPrevis Opening Sequence2010
DRAGON FLY LOVEWieden + KennedyCharacter Design2010
EVIANPartizanConcept Design Pitch2010
GOODFELLASHSI LondonSet Design2010
GUINNESSPartizanGraphic Design2010
HONEY MONSTERHammer & TongsArt Design2010
MAYNARD MOOSEHEADHammer & TongsArt Design2010
McVITIESNice Shirt FilmsVFX Design2010
McVITIES - LOYALTY CASTLENice Shirt FilmsVFX & 3D Animation2010
MINI MONSTER TRUCKSJason SchraggerStoryboarding2010
NOVEMBER CHRISTMASRocket Science VFXMatte Painting2010
O2VCCPConcept Design2010
ORANGE JACKBLACKPartizanArt Design2010
PONDSRussel Tickner, The Mill & JWTArt Design / Concept Design2010
SCENES FROM A TEENAGE KILLINGMinnow FilmsMotion Graphics2010
SHELLPartizan (Dir. Antoine Bardou Jacquet)Art Design / Concept Design2010
SIENFELDPassion PicturesMatte Painting2010
SKY FAIRY TALESNexusConcept Design2010
STRONGBOWSt Luke'sPrevis2010
TEMPEST - DRAMATENDavid Farley DesignOpera Design previs2010
TIC TACSStoryboarding2010
VODAFONE BEESPassion PicturesArt Department2010
VODAFONE BEES - MEN V WOMANPassion PicturesArt Department2010
VWStation FilmsConcept Design2010
WESTFIELDVillage greenConcept Design2010
WINDOWS 7HungrymanConcept Design2010
COMPARE THE MARKET - MIGRATIONPassion PicturesArt Design / Concept Design2009
COMPARE THE MARKET - OLIGARCHYPassion PicturesArt Department2009
EURO MILLIONSTraktorAnimatic / VFX Design2009
FORD FUSIONPartizan, The MillCharacter Design2009
GORILLAZ ISLANDZombieflesheatersDesign / Previs2009
JOHNNIE WALKEROutsiderSet Design2009
MATTHEW WALKERHammer & TongsArt Design2009
PEPPERAMIPassion PicturesVFX Design2009
STV 1 NEWSTurquoiseMatte Painting2009
COKE MUSICBOXPartizanCharacter Design (Pitch)2008
COMFORT CLOTH WORLDPassion PicturesCharacter Design (Pitch)2008
GE DISCUSTraktorSet Design2008
GUCCIRsa Films LimitedPoppies2008
MONKEY OPERAZombieflesheatersSet Design2008
PEEPSHOWObjective ProductionsMotion Graphics2008
PG TIPSHammer & TongsSet Design2008
RENEWRenew3D Animation2008
STATION FILMSStation FilmsBranding2008
SURF OXYGEN MONSTERPassion PicturesCharacter Design2008
TESCOThe Red Brick RoadGraphic Design2008