Joel and the team at Painting Practice were approached by Radical Media and asked to design and previs all the sets for this BASF commercial. Joel and Dan worked as team for this project.

As production designer, Joel went to Cape Town to work with Director Joakim Reveman on the practical aspects of the build and shoot. Dan, working from the studio, continued to feed valuable information through to the team in South Africa, including concepts and several passes of previs.

The previs was particuarly valuable on this project, as the aim was to reduce the cuts to only one or two. The sets needed to be built and shot a specific way to ensure the transitions between places was totally smooth. A lot of effort was made in getting every detail accurate for Joakim and ensuring the sets fitted seamlessly into the central city exterior in Cape Town… (and one exterior location outside in the wine regions).

[See examples of some of the previs at the links below]

Previs: Glassblowers set

Previs: Japanese restaurant set

You can check out the finished work right here:

YouTube Preview Image