Painting Practice worked closely with director Darren Walsh and Passion Pictures to create environmental concepts and production design for the latest Blinkbox commercial.

Designing the tank from several aspects, including a dream sequence from the viewpoint of the fish were a lot of fun. We teamed up with our friends at EvolutionFX to build the tank you see in the living room set as well as a large separate elements tank. It was here we could film the dream sequence you see visualised below. The castle in the main tank was 3D printed from our sketches and models, and artworked by model makers.

Passion Pictures provided us with the lovely electric blue character and we couldn’t help but create some facial expressions for him.

Here you can see the 3D design of the castle in progress.

Painting Practice also completed the entire set plan and aided Darren with the previz for this shoot. Click here to read what director Darren Walsh said about the development of the Blinkbox commercial.

YouTube Preview Image