The Painting Practice Matte Painting team was given the task of helping in the development of the environments and fulfilling all of the matte painting for Coke’s epic new Superbowl commercial ‘Siege’.

The brief from directors FX & Mat (Nexus) was to create a look that reflected the feel of fantasy art and concept painting.

It was important to retain a painterly look and feel without adding too much in post.For each painting we created an alternative ‘speed’ version that was dialled in by the compositing team. At one point the lighting was shifted across the whole show, which meant that we had to re created many of the original blue skies with plenty of work going into the paintings from the compositors.

Every shot needed to be dealt with in some way, which meant working closely with the VFX team and painting over, renders, adding patches of sky and refining snow elements here, there and everywhere. Overall the look was fantastic – a living piece of concept art that was exactly what the directors wanted.