For practically every stage of the Compare the Market campaign Painting Practice has not only been involved in the production design but also the Matte Painting. From the streets of old time Russia, to the gardens of Aleks’ mansion, and more recently, the beautiful Ural Mountains region. Painting Practice have risen to the challenge and created a series of perfectly executed matte paintings. The following is a selection of our work across the years working on one of Televisions most successful and most favourable advertising campaigns.

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Streets of Ambitiousness

Our first major venture in enhancing the set design in post. This painting involved some great working parts in the form of winches and pulleys in the distant street.

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Your Furry and I’m Gingery

Returning once again to Aleks’ mansion and having already designed and matte painted the front in a previous spot, we were now faced with the rear of the building. Adding to what we had done previously but enhancing things ever so slightly we helped deliver a series of shots for this new turn in the campaign.

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Maiya Spy Campaign

For this short series of Matte Paintings, Passion Pictures supplied us with the plates of the train and asked our team to transform the surrounding landscape into something more picturesque with a feel of the Russian Urals. As you can see, the transformation is quite significant in all these shots and we also hightened the colour and saturation, giving the image a nostalgic ‘picture postcard feel’, which was later enhanced in the final grade.

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Maiya’s Underground Base

This little project was great fun! We first went through a series of rough sketches offering up differing scales until we finally settled on this great, Ken Adams, inspired environment. The globe was animated in the final shot and the whole thing looked fantastic!

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