The digital matte painting team at Painting Practice recently had the pleasure to work on a couple of really exciting projects. First up was the commercial for the much anticipated Halo 5: Guardians, followed by the equally amazing Shell: Shapeshifter TVC.

Halo 5: Guardians

An opportunity that no one wants to turn down is exactly what rising VFX Studio Blacksmith contacted us with when they asked us to join them in creating 2 live action TVC’s for Halo directed by Rupert Sanders (Snow White & The Huntsman).

The first spot “All Hail” highlights Spartan Locke hunting down the heroic Master Chief, who’s now compromised. The second spot, titled “The Cost” shows the Master Chief delivering a manifesto about the price of being a hero, wilding the upper hand over Spartan Locke, who’s injured.

The guys and gals over there provided our team with a whole bunch of cool looking assets from the upcoming game and asked us to build and extend the ‘real’ location environment. Production design was handled by James Chinlund (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and so the stakes were high and the set was incredible with the principal challenge being coverage of as many angles as possible.

However we rose to the challenge as you can see and even worked on the huge scale spaceship also seen in the spot. Check out the awesome TVC’s below.

Breakdown example



The spaceship


Hero DMP


YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

Shell V-Power Nitro +

Painting Practice also provided the matte work for award winning VFX studio Framestore on their new exciting short for Shell entitled Shapeshifter. Directed by Carl Erik Rinsch (47 Ronin, The Gift) the film follows a shape-shifting creature, which represents engine gunk and corrosion, chasing a car fuelled with Shell V-Power Nitro +.

Our matte department were asked to oversee the look of the environment and deliver a series of extremely high resolution matte paintings from numerous reference shots taken on location in the Chillian Andes. The main task was to enhance this already stunning location whilst maintaining lighting continuity. Take a look at this awesome commercial below, we can’t get enough of it!!

Color Studies


DMP Pass Concept


Final DMP Example