Recently Painting Practice worked alongside director Matthew McDermott on two new spots for Dunelm Mill. Each commercial was executed in stop frame animation and shot entirely using motion control. Naturally, art direction was the principal role for Painting Practice but the spots also called for some serious technical previz that would help deliver the camera data for the motion control rig and the layout for the stage.

The first step was to help visualise the more graphic elements of the shoot and consolidate the art direction as much as possible so that it could be translated into the previz. Then, with Matt at the helm, our storyboard artists and previz team brought the concepts to life and eventually to the stage. The hard work of both our team and the production company resulted in producing these two very charming spots.

As demonstrated in the previz you can see that the commerical is frame for frame accurate with the exception of a couple of shots that needed to be tweaked at the stage.