Although this was one of Painting Practices earliest commissions it still holds up as a pretty ambitious and beautiful animatic. This was a three week project that went from simple 2D sketchy boards right through to a motion capture animated 3D Animatic. Because the agency approved each step of the process we were able to really push the look. This is one of a few animatics we have done for St Lukes including Bulmer’s which can be viewed here or Strongbow which can be viewed here.

Here are the rough boards we produced for the 1st draft of the animatic. This very rough first stage allows us to work out the timings and assets we will need to create.

Next we built our 3D environments for all the action to take place in. This location happened to be in Prague/New York like city. Before committing to any 3D animated shots we locked the 2D edit, 3D set builds and 3D characters.

For the 3D Characters we offered the agency a virtual casting tape adding little character based animations to help push the feel of the animatic along. Over time we have built a library of 3D characters from the many animatics we have done, so if the budget is tight we can recycle some our characters making a saving on the prep of any project.

Lastly we put everything together to produce the final result. Although motion capture can seem a little excessive for a pre-production cost, for this it proved invaluable to work out the visual language of the diamonds path generated from various different moves. Motion Capture is also becoming a lot less expensive as the technology improves. We used this technique a lot for Previs on some our film projects like Quantum of Solace which we can send you if need to see more examples.