This was one of our first commercial jobs for Painting Practice – that combined with the fact it was for the Superbowl weekend with a very short post time, it was quite a daunting prospect. Even though it was epic in scale and scope we had quite a limited build and post budget so Traktor had to choose their shots wisely in order for us to design the small sets that would work for matte painted set extensions.

The bulk of the conceptual work was done in 3D. This allowed for a quick turnaround for both Build and post production as the 3D models were recycled through all parts of the production process. Once the set designs had been approved we used them to do our own previs in Cinema 4D. The models where then given to the local L.A Art Director who used sketch up to break out all the dimensions for the construction team. Finally the same 3d models where refined slightly and exported out to Maya for The Mill to work up and track in for the final VFX shots.

Another bonus of working out the design and previs in 3D is once the assets are designed and built – depending on your schedule the previs allows some play time for Directors and creatives to try out different ideas before having to commit to shoot one at great cost. In this clip we tried out several different endings for the spot. We only had a few hours to shoot this final shot so it was crucial to work out which one was a) funniest and b) had enough time to work in the 40 second edit.