Production designer Andy Nicholson came to us to help him set up a small team of Concept Modellers for both the Art Department and Pre-vis teams for the new Alfonso Cuaron Film “Gravity”. Initially we where tasked with looking at the space suits and space walking packs but soon went on to visualise lots of the props and environments for the film’s many terrifying and spectacular set pieces.

Most of the work involved had to be heavily researched and based on real space technologies but a lot of the blueprints and reference materials were impossible to obtain due to secrecy etc. Designs had to methodically pieced together and artistically interpreted. Once the visual puzzle was solved the 3D assets were then used by Framestore’s Pre-vis Department and various pieces were broken out for CAD drafting. Much of the film’s Photo real sequences were created digitally.

It is testament to Framestore’s groundbreaking VFX work and Alfonso’s stunning vision that the end result is completely immersive and a truly believable experience. We are just proud to have played a small part in the very complex machine that made this film happen.





YouTube Preview Image