The Story of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy was a big favourite from our childhood. When the opportunity arose to get involved with the new movie adaptation we jumped at it! Joel Collins took on the mantle of Production Designer and Dan May lead the Visual Effects Art Direction and Previs Unit.

This project was an amazing playground for all our previs ideas. For the first time we were able to explore large-scale art department previs in more innovative and unusual ways.

The challenge of visualizing the world, characters and VFX was done hand in hand with Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith of Hammer and Tongs. It was a tall order and one which made us gather new equipment and skills as the process grew and changed. By the end, which was almost two years, we had created a fantastic team of now very successful hybrid visual effects art department, many of whom still work with us today.

The Previz Unit worked continuously throughout both prep and shoot. By creating accurate digital renders of both sets and spaceships we ensured that all of our designs and Garth’s ideas were well in a place before postproduction began.

Our proudest moment was seeing the combined efforts of all involved reach the big screen and go straight to number one in both the US and UK box office! Craziness!

Building the set in Ealing Studios


Walkthrough HHG sets for the exhibition in the Science Museum, London