Pitch - City vs. Countryside


Painting Practice worked alongside Passion Pictures to deliver both art direction and matte painting for this beautiful little spot for James Wellbeloved. The team were involved very early on by helping to secure the project at pitch stage with a couple of key images that the client fell in love with. The story centres around a young boy and his dog who survive day to day by busking oh the rainy streets of ‘Mega City’. Gradually, they save enough money to realise what we believe is the boy’s dream. But in a final twist we realise that the dream wasn’t a new motorbike, it was in fact a train ticket to the countryside where the duo can finally be free from the oppressive city.

 Pitch - The City


Production started in late December 2016 by tackling most of the key locations, and focusing on those spaces that would describe both the world and the characters. Jack’s apartment was the first up, and then the busking location quickly followed as we tried to decipher how these two key spaces should speak in terms of detail and scale. Additionally all key props were also included in the early stage so that animators could get to grips with Jack’s performances. Quick rough sketches were turned into more developed 3D models so that better and more detailed concepts could be delivered – concepts that would actually make sense in the 3D world of the animators.Development-J ApartmentJacks Apartment Colour

Jacks Apartment Dark

Jack’s apartment is a paradox – while it confines him within the city, it also protects him and allows him to be inventive. Jack up-cycles, uses old boxes to make instruments, construction material to make furniture. He tries to turn this constraining little space into a creative place for him and his buddy Harry. The Mega City on the other hand represents the hostile, the grey, the rainy and the artificial. It’s a place that has no time for music and busking, where everyone rushes from work to home, to home to work again. Every day Jack and Harry face an army of umbrellas, a prop used like shields by its inhabitants against distraction.Development - The CityExteriorBusking - Looking UpPropsJacks Apartment EXT - Concept_Still

City Top Down Shot

In contrast, the countryside represents freedom. It’s full of vibrant colours and sunlight, an ideal playground for our two companions. Jack introduces his dog to nature for the very first time, reassuring him – yes you can run and play here, no one is going to push you with their umbrella! The concepts had to be extremely colourful and our artists swapped the oppressive skyscrapers for more welcoming and comforting trees. After so much hard work Jack and Harry finally get their reward, not a materialistic one as we might think at first but one of time and peace, where their friendship can truly thrive.Countryside Development

Countryside Concepts


Painting Practice then provided Passion Pictures with basic proxy models across all locations including the layout for the final countryside sequence. These ‘proxy’ sets became an essential tool for both the previz and production team over at Passion Pictures allowing both sides to continue building, designing, and animating in the same space even while the design process was still ongoing.

World Building - The CityJack Apartment EXTCountryside


As the overall design came together, so did the direction of the matte painting, for which Painting Practice were also tasked. All of the key sets involving DMP work were finely detailed in-house in order to deliver the necessary tools for our matte painters to continue their work. Sharing proxy assets across both studios also meant that any projection work would be seamless too. Colour scripts, key concepts, and paintovers became part of the overall package as Passion Pictures put their amazing team to work on completing the job, in record time.

ColourscriptCity PalletteDigital Matte Painting

Mattep CityCityHighstreet Concept

City - Above

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