Just over a year ago we had the pleasure to be involved in the visual effects of Owen Harris’s feature debut, Kill Your Friends. Based on the popular novel by John Niven the story follows the ruthless and murderous nature in which Steven Stelfox, played by Nicholas Hoult, rises to the top of a successful A&R company.

As VFX supervisor on the show Justin steered our matte painting team through the process of generating over 7 matte paintings that reflected the same location but at various times of day. The matte work was to provide the exterior back drop to the interior of the Unigram office which was shot entirely on the stage – not 10 floors up in an office block.

A degree of pre-planning was required so that we could quickly work out what would be seen out of the office windows on all the angles. For this we built a basic model of the set and then created an exterior model of the surrounding architecture. That way we could offer the luxury of precise shot planing to DOP Gustav Danielson.

The final results are seamless, and give the shots a very succinct time and place as we fall back into the nineties era of Brit Pop and Dance culture. It’s a cracking film, with a dark sense of humour that really does take you back to those glorious days!!






 You can also watch the trailer here.