One of our last projects of 2012 was this funny commercial for the Kit Kat ‘Choose a Chunky Champion’ campaign directed by Seth Townsend from Generator Films.

The original brief of the spot was an epic super hero fight on a dramatic rooftop! However, the budget and schedule were scaled back considerably before we started Pre-production. Both Seth and Painting Practice were keen to keep the ad looking and feeling epic even though we had half the budget.

So we made a key decision early on to shoot as much as possible “in camera” so we could save on post production and put everything into the set design. Once this decision was made, Painting Practice was able to start planning the set layout and main action through pre-vis.

Once we had a working set plan for the main stunt action, our concept artist team could work up some key frames to sell the ideas to the Agency and Client. Seth had the opportunity to work with the Previs artists at Painting Practice so when it came to cutting back some set elements we able to do it with confidence knowing we had the shots and actions we needed.

The commercial was shot in Manchester which had fairly limited stage space and we ended up in quite a narrow and long stage. So the set and shots also had to take this into consideration. Once in Manchester, Dan May, the project’s Art Director, was able to build and paint exactly what was needed for the job with no wastage. We worked with some excellent local crews who helped us realise the rooftop perfectly to plan, this included a beautiful scenic backdrop which added huge amount of production value to the final look.

Hopefully the final spot reflects this and we hope you like it as we had a great time making it.

Here are some links to some of the previs we created. As mentioned above, this was integral to the process, and meant that budget was spent on only what was needed.

Previs for SCENE 1

Previs for SCENE 2