Ferrets, yes ferrets not meerkats! And there’s a pirate in it too! That’s what we were heard when Sam FellĀ (Passion Pictures) called looking for help designing this new and charming French campaign for Lesfurets.com. Sam was great fun to work with and knew just what he wanted, which for us was a blessing and heaps of fun. Overall we delivered visuals for the ferrets main office the pirates leg and a host of other knick knacks. Painting Practice Joel Collins oversaw the construction and art direction whilst the creatives back at our HQ designed the ferret HQ.

The Les Furets Cave

Before we reached an approved design the cave went through a few passes.The Wooden Leg

Of course designing the wooden leg was also a process in many phases. Below you can see it right from the design to the shoot.

Of course it’s a French commercial and we’ll never see it broadcast over here but take a look at the commercial online:

YouTube Preview Image