Lexus has finally released its latest Amazing in Motion project in full, and we couldn’t be more proud to have been involved in this project.

An opportunity that no one wants to turn down is exactly what production company Smuggler contacted Production Designer Joel Collins with when they asked him to help design the hoverboard and skatepark for the fourth project of Lexus Amazing in Motion campaign.

The film, which was directed by Henry-Alex Rubin, shows skateboarder Ross McGouran riding the hoverboard around a purpose-built skate park in Barcelona.

Lexus has worked with experts in super-conductive technology to create one of the most advanced Hoverboards the world has seen. This new project is to demonstrate Lexus’ commitment to pursuing new possibilities in advanced design and technology.

The Hoverboard uses magnetic levitation to achieve amazing frictionless movement. Liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets combine to allow Lexus to create the impossible.

Wrapped in a design that is uniquely Lexus, Joel Collins and the team at Painting Practice designed the Hoverboard featuring the iconic Lexus spindle grille signature shape, using materials found in the luxury car brand, from the high tech to the natural bamboo.

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Painting Practice used Maxon’s Cinema 4D 3D software to design and visualize the Lexus Hoverboard and skate park.





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You can see the final film here:

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