Painting Practice has been helping Agency VCCP and production company Passion Pictures design the world of meerkat Alexander Orlov.  We have been working on the campaign since the beginning from the early days of “Sergei” and “Puppets” to the more recent design of the Meerkovo website, which included the 10k matte painting for the layout of the town.

This lavish production of ‘Streets of ambitiousness’ was a hugely challenging project, employing all of Painting Practice’s skill sets including production design, set builds and matte painting.

The brief was to recreate the setting for a Medieval Russian Market Street which would provide the backdrop for this final instalment in Alexander’s ancestral history.

An entire street was dressed by our team and then later extended digitally by our Matte Painting Department. Additional props were also created by out artists, namely the portraits seen both on the cart and in the shop. Combined together the overall effect was huge success, adding more depth and production value to an already successful campaign.

For more information, check out the Compare the Market website:

 YouTube Preview Image