Last Autumn Joel teamed up with director Noam Murro (“300”) as Production Designer for the explosive PS4 ‘Killzone Shadow Fall’ trailer. They filmed at studios and on location in Budapest with DOP Simon Duggan (“Great Gatsby”, “300”). 

The spot, called “Oaths & Promises” is set in a world thirty years on from the original Killzone Trilogy – futuristic, divided, and violent.

Working closely with Joel who was overseeing the build on location, the team back at Painting Practice pulled out their finest brushes to continue visualising the story in great detail. Vast spaces, bold architecture and futuristic battle aftermaths were among the key moments to be designed. There were some additional parts of the story, sadly not included in the final edit which were meticulously planned and previsualised during prep – one particular was an intense interrogation scene. Some of these plans are below.

The location itself, Budapest was chosen for its bold architectural shapes and concrete textures. An abandoned and unfinished collection of office buildings provided the perfect blank canvas for Joel to build on and transform into a futuristic dystopia.

We hope you will agree with the final result below, that Joel and the team developed a fearless look for this high end trailer. The bold and gritty textures , expansive sense of space and dark tones, fitting perfectly in Noam’s epic and cinematic style. Now, where’s that PS4 gone?….

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