Recently, we were lucky to work again with producer Simon Chinn (“Searching for Sugarman”, “The Imposter”). This time on branding and idents for his company REDBOX Films, and the new multi-platform media company LIGHTBOX.

For REDBOX, Painting Practice developed an animated ident which was first put to use this year at SXSW on their latest doco “The Legend of Shorty”.

Design wise, the key was in the name! As you can see below, we explored some variations on the theme and settled on something bold and energetic. As is often the case, Painting Practice got to wear all their hats at once – with our 3D, graphic and animation artists joining forces.

Being a new company, LIGHTBOX needed the whole kit and kaboodle. As was the case with REDBOX, the clue was in the name. We developed a series of ideas for the logo based on the main ideas, settling on something bold and classic. Following this we designed the website also – something different to keep us on our toes!

See the results below for each… Click on images to enlarge

Here are some earlier concepts…




The results below for the LIGHTBOX logo and website design, followed by some earlier concepts for the brand.Earlier ideas…