The creative force of St. Lukes returned once more this year for another round of animatic fun and exploration on a new commercial for their client Strongbow. This time round we had the pleasure to work alongside director Sam Brown of rogue films who brought a very exciting and challenging vision to this 60 second spot entitled ‘Moments of Truth’. As expected Sam warmed to our previz process and worked very closely with our team, blocking out cameras, action and choreographing the VFX for this quietly epic spot. As we’ve seen before, this process proved to be invaluable both in terms of the creative journey and the more practical role of client and customer research.

Quite a degree of visual effects were demanded from the script, many of which we replicated in the previz to great effect. In particular the scene where the snooker table cracks open and transforms into a landscape, reminiscent of Mordor, was amongst our most favourite moments. Besides VFX an extensive use of slow motion was called for throughout the film, and in order to avoid any complicated workflows, our previz team rendered shots out at 150fps so that our editorial team could work much as they would in the real world. The resulting footage gave our editorial team the freedom to work with the edit more naturally without having to go back to 3D when edit decisions needed to be made. As you can see the previz matches the final film frame for frame which is a great testament to our process and the genuine value of pre-visualisation in film making.

See our previz version here….

and the official commercial here…