One of the big highlights of 2015 was the opportunity to work alongside director Brian Welsh and producer Barney Reiz on BBC iPlayer’s debut comedy drama ‘The Rack Pack’.


The project was brought to the table early on during pre-production when the questions started to arise about how they could demonstrate world class snooker playing on screen with actors who essentially had never hit a ball in their life. The answer of course was to be found through Visual Effects, but before we embraced just what all this meant from a technical standpoint, we began with the creative questions first.

When Brian spoke to us his main concerns entered around making the snooker a much more intimate and exciting experience without it feeling like unatural. Focus began on what would become the shows VFX centrepiece – Alex’s famous 69 break against Jimmy White in the 1982 Championships.

The process started off in a west london studio where Brian and Justin took a small DSLR and waltzed around a full size snooker table trying to find the best angles for each pot and the overall rhythm of the piece. From here the blueprint was established for this sequence and some of the other shots seen throughout the film. By using this test footage and archive material we refined the entire shot and then pre-visualised the whole thing in 3D which provided every department with what they needed on the day. Special Credit goes to actor Luke Treadway who rehearsed the entire sequence many times over to great result!