Recently, we had the pleasure to collaborate with Framestore NY on VOLVO’s virtual reality campaign on Google Cardboard, the first company ever to launch a VR campaign. VOLVO Reality is an application that allows you to test drive the all-new VOLVO XC90 ahead of its Spring 2015 release, on your smartphone with Google Cardboard.

For this, we created a 3D Matte Painting of the Duffey Lake region which you can discover at the beginning of the test drive below. Framestore worked with agency R/GA shooting 360° live action content for the beautiful journey through Vancouver and blended it with a CG car interior. Users are able to look in any direction, as if they are really inside the car even though it’s not physically there.

Below is a screen record from the The Volvo XC90 Experience. This is meant to be viewed in a Google Cardboard or comparable Virtual Reality HMD, but it gives you the idea. Have a go, we love it!

Know that you can also download the app here.

The google cardboard:


Test drive teaser:

YouTube Preview Image



Colour Study:


A close up on our matte painting:


The Volvo XC90 Experience:

YouTube Preview Image