It was great to have the opportunity to work with Tim Hope again on such a complicated job. The idea was that a young couple could seamlessly move from one room to the next pausing and watching the same movie wherever they went. The challenge was that all the rooms would be built on the floor, 2 walls and the ceiling in a gigantic rolling rig!

It was obvious from the get go that the whole spot had to be meticulously prevised and planned. Tim is an animator so he gave us a quick version of his previs from the very beginning. We then started by matching his version of the action and camera into our own set accurate previs.

Due to the nature of the build every piece of furniture and small prop had to be purchased. So where possible we modelled up every prop so they could be incorporated into both the previs and agency visuals.  This meant that we could perfectly design the set while avoiding any extra styling costs as everything, once approved, had to be nailed, glued and sewn to the set.

Every stage of this job was a lot more complicated than a normal set build shoot and took a lot more time.  The complex rig was handled by Paul Dunn of SFX UK and the construction by Hedgehog.

Once we got to the pre-light and dress everyone had to work together as we could only work on one set (floor) at a time.  It was testament to Russell McClean the Producer at Passion who chose a very competent and friendly team without which tempers would have surely frayed! By the time we got to rehearsing the action time was against us, but working with the Motion Control guys from The Visual Effects Company we were able to easily import our final previs camera move directly into the motion control rig which was – a huge time saver when it came to plotting out the move.

Here is a clip of of the 1st successful rehearsal:

All the preparation led to the final previs being very close to the end result as it was imperative the camera move, action and rotation of set matched perfectly to pull the seamless illusion off.

The whole action was achieved in camera in one take! However some of the action had to be shot slower mainly for safety and the limitations of such a huge rig. So MPC finished up adding mattes through the windows and seamlessly matching all the footage coming together to make one beautifully choreographed complete take. Hooray!