We are currently looking for a Senior Previs Artist to join our team on a TV series adaptation of a best-selling book series, with innovative and complex design & VFX components, based in Cardiff, Wales. 


– Experience pre-visualising complex VFX and CG sequences for film or TV.

– Knowledge of cinematography and a keen eye for shot composition. 

– Excellent skills in layout and camera animation.

– Talented 3D Generalist. 

– Knowledge of C4D is a plus (it is our software for the project)

– Experience in Rigging and Scripting is a plus.

– Experience and understanding of real-world cameras, cinematography and being on-set.

– Excellent communication skills, problem solving, technical skills and creativity.

– Ability to work collaboratively with Directors, VFX Art Director and other VFX Artists.

– Passion for film/tv and story telling. 

– Must be based in Wales, or happy to relocate to Cardiff, Wales. 

If you are interested, please send your details and portfolio to: paintingjobcv@gmail.com