Painting Practice worked closely with Pete Candleland and Sam Mason of Passion Pictures NY to create environmental concepts for Coca Cola’s international Christmas commercial. The story was split into two areas of design; the hyper real anduper detailed Santa’s workshop and the stylised vignette world of Santa’s morale tales.

The inspiration for Santa’s spaces was one of clutter and chaos, we wanted to give the feeling that Santa like everyone else could be a little overwhelmed at christmas but still make the spaces look warm and welcoming. All the environments where sketched out first before committing to simple 3D layouts.

Not many people ever get to see Santa’s office where he reads letters from children all over the world but we had the privilege designing the infamous room. It was completed with everything Santa needs to cope with the Christmas rush! We also wanted to add various personal items Santa might keep in his own little private space. The final framing of the shot left out a lot of these details but you can see them here in the original set sketch.

Once the layouts had started to progress successfully we shared them with Passion and MPC to use in the previs. All three key environments continued to be worked up in full detail throughout the concept phase so once signed off we able to hand over fairy polished assets to MPC for there post pipeline. For the vignette sequences the final concepts became the matte paintings and we worked with Passion and MPC projecting the paintings and creating projected texture maps for the character work. (click on the images to make larger)

Once we had the 3D designs were made we were able to add more and more detail to really build the atmosphere.

We worked hard at designing the smaller elements too. We wanted to create an environment full of wonder. Please take a look at some of our favourite little objects below (click to make larger)
Below you can see a selection of fully finished concept artworks that were created for the final commercial.

These images below show how the environment concepts fitted in with the final characters designs.

Watch the finished commercial here:

YouTube Preview Image