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Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the beast

  • Visual development
  • Previs + Postvis
  • VFX Design


Production Company

Walt Disney Studios


Bill Condon


Stephen Chbosky + Evan Spiliotopoulos

Production Designer

Sarah Greenwood

Art Director

James Foster

Concept Art

Dan May


Dan May was drafted in to support Production Designer Sarah Greenwood on the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Dan was tasked with helping to visualise the castle, acting as a conduit between the art department and the VFX houses who had been commissioned to realise the final versions of the matte work.

Dan worked alongside James Foster, the Senior Art Director on the film, to ensure that the final CG version of the castle connected seamlessly with the film’s interior set designs and adhered to the rules of French architecture. As well as stunning concepts, Dan developed a previs pan of the castle’s exterior, capturing the grandiosity of the castle towers.

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